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Bally Block

Michigan Maple Block Co. and Bally Block Co.

The Wood Welded® Companies of Michigan Maple Block Co., and Bally Block Co. build the world’s best butcher block for use from kitchen countertops to food preparation surfaces to sturdy industrial workbench tops. Available in End Grain and Edge Grain products.

These butcher blocks are ideal for: Residential products, Commercial products, Gourmet products, Industrial and Institutional products

The Wood Welded Butcher Block line is ideal for: Kitchen countertops, islands & carts, Wood countertops,

Carving & cutting boards, Dining tables & table tops, Bakery tables, Workbench tops, Laboratory tops, Shuffleboards, Locker benches

Web-Don stocks the most popular sizes and species for the most common applications. Most are available up to 6” thick. The two most common sizes are 1 ½” and 3” thick.

Special ordered Bally Block material is available in seven wood species and can be ordered either finished or unfinished.

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