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Carolina Heartwood Cabinets

Carolina Heartwood Cabinets

In 2010, Web-Don launched Carolina Heartwood Cabinets to enhance its popular surfacing products line.

Carolina Heartwood Cabinetry’s cabinets can be customized to fit any kitchen or bathroom need, and are available with numerous finishes and cabinet accessories. Order pre-assembled or as un-assembled flat-packed for a lower price point.

Standard Colors

Care and Maintenance

Carolina Heartwood Cabinetry (CHC) recommends the use of a soft cloth, slightly dampened with a mild solution of detergent and water, to clean our products. The products should be dried promptly and thoroughly with a clean, soft towel. Cleaning solutions can be hazardous to the finishes on wood products. Although the finishes on CHC products are resistant to normal household chemicals, prolonged usage may cause a discoloration and/or dulling of the finish.

Warranty Information

Under no circumstances should cleaners with ammonia or abrasive substances be used. Cleaners with ammonia in them will leave a permanent white haze or streaks in the finish. Furniture polish may be used, but is not recommended. Some of the more popular brands of polish will actually soften the finish over time.

Should an inappropriate cleaning solution, polish, wax or process be used on your cabinets, Carolina Heartwood Cabinetry will not be held liable for any finish damages incurred.

Over time, hinges and drawer guides may come out of adjustment. This is a normal occurrence of daily use and not considered a defect or warranty issue. Carolina Heartwood Cabinetry recommends that the end user of our products familiarize themselves with the operation and adjustment capabilities of the hardware and include this in their routine maintenance.

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